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Leura Produce & Artisan Market - Fairmont Resort Leura

All Events Markets and Festivals are proud to announce their new market in the Blue Mountains called, Leura Produce & Artisan Market at The Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains 1 Sublime Point Rd Leura. Everyone is welcome to our Grand Opening on Saturday 11th May 9am-1pm, then the1st Saturday of every month from June. We look forward to seeing the Blue Mountains community, the Fairmont Resort guests and all the lovely tourists that visit Leura every month.


May, Saturday 11th 
June, Saturday 1st 
July, Saturday 6th
August, Saturday 3rd
September, Saturday 7th
October, Saturday 5th 
November, Saturday 2nd
December, Saturday 7th


AJ’s Creative Magic

Handmade Jewellery

0431 359 390

The Blue Mountains LIquor Company

Calmare Candles

Candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, room sprays, essential oils,
mist diffusers


Funyards Australia

  • Childrens furniture - Childrens Games

  • Brainteaser puzzles and desktop games-woodem hand made

  • Hand made wooden items

  • Side table, console tables, coffee tables, Homewares

Find us on Fieldfolio, Shopindee, ETSY, Catch, MyDeal, Ebay, Trada, Tradesquare and Amazon Australia

0402 004 452

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